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Mobile Product News & Press Releases
Info and Articles on Hottest New Mobile Products

RoBo Desk Laptop Stand

January 2011

Interactive Products Corporation introduces the NEW RoBo Desk Laptop Stand for cars, trucks, vans and police vehicles. The RoBo Desk has virtually infinite positioning flexibility. With 2 knuckle arms that rotate, raise and lower the laptop stand arm, you can put your laptop exactly where you want it.

The RoBo Desk Pedestal will fit onto Gamber Johnson and Ram NO-drill dual seat bolt mounts.

The Laptop pedestal has height adjustment and quick removeability for storage.

The RoBo Desk can be used as a drill or no-drill mount for laptop installations.

NEW Laptop Stand discounts

Vehicle Organizers

May 2011

Interactive Products Corporation purchases the CarGo Desk vehicle organizer line of products.

This organizer is perfect for any car, truck or van. Organize your vehicle and be more productive on the road.

Mount your printer, cell phone, gps or smartphone to the vehicle organizer desktop. This is the only vehicle organizer that has a trolley and wheel system to easily transport the organizer from vehicle to vehicle.

Great discounts on all vehicle organizers

Kid toys


Interactive Products Corporation introduces the hottest NEW kid and dog water toy.

Do you remember skipping rocks as a kid? I bet you do! Grab your friends or dad and skip it to one another. Great for keep away also.

Made from durable neoprene with recycled plastic beads. The Water Dogg will never sink and skips better than any rock.

Safe for all ages.

It keeps going and going, just like the bunny but different!

Get your Water Dogg today!!

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