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FreeWay Universal PDA Mount


PDA mount



The FreeWay secures and mounts almost every portable handheld PDA on the market today including most SmartPhones and portable MP3 Players.

FreeWay PDA Mount Features:

  • Accommodates ALL Pocket PC and Palm devices including the Dell Axim X5 and X3, HP iPAQ, Toshiba Pocket PC, Casio Cassiopeia, NEC, Sony Clie, Sagem, Handspring (Visor, Prism, Edge, and Treo) Palm (All models), Audiovox Thera and Maestro, Viewsonic v36, Garmin iQue, Samsung i700, Asus MyPal A620, JVC iO Pocket PC, and many more
  • Cradle features two fully adjustable velcro support straps
  • Accommodates off-centered serial ports with a wide access opening at the bottom
  • Adjust straps only once for your particular device
  • Holds PDA securely in place by soft cushioned straps on the cradle
  • PDA package includes:
    • FreeWay PDA Cradle
    • 4 Piece Air Vent Mount Kit
    • Amps Adapter Plate
    • 4 Phillips Pan Head Screws
    • 4 Nylon Stop Nuts
    • Full Color Instructions

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